SCRUBD showcases men ‘mastering’ work in new campaign video

By Becky Bargh | Published: 29-May-2018

The all-natural male skin care brand has used its Masters Series campaign to illustrate its brand ethos

SCRUBD, the all-natural male grooming brand, has released three new campaign videos showcasing men ‘mastering’ their day at work.

The Masters Series shows a boat builder, shoe maker and bladesmith creating bespoke products.

SCRUBD commissioned London-based production company Green Rock to put together the videos.

Founder Mark Helvadjian said: “At SCRUBD we’re firm believers that when men feel great in their skin, they can master anything, leaving their mark in every area of their lives.”

Green Rock’s CEO Simon Green added: “Its always fun working with disruptors and SCRUBD are pioneering a new brand in the fast-growing market of male grooming.

“No one has been talking about this audience, which they describe as the ‘menopausal man’, and that was our big opportunity to think, what inspires these guys and what brands do they relate to?

“SCRUBD wanted to talk to real people who simply want to master their day and be authentic to themselves.”

The brand’s products are made in the UK, hand-crafted and only contain all-natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils.

Its collection includes facial washes, moisturisers, cleansers, shaving creams and soap bars.

SCRUBD showcases men ‘mastering’ work in new campaign video

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