Sephora and Craig & Karl brighten up with new packaging

Published: 13-Apr-2015

For spring, Sephora has teamed up with illustrators and graphic artists Craig & Karl, who have designed a range of colourful packaging for Sephora bath and make-up products.

Craig Redman and Karl Maier are based in New York and London respectively but work together on projects, and are known for their quirky and brightly coloured designs. They have chosen to play up their complementary relationship with the designs of the products: for instance, the eyeshadow duos feature packaging with stripes or checks on one half of the lid, and polka dots on the other. These themes appear on all of the items, along with images of stylised eyes for the eye products and an open mouth for the lip products.

“For summer, we were looking for a fresh, pop and coloured collaboration,” Sephora merchants told Cosmetics Business News. “Craig & Karl are two unique and very talented designers that truly share our brand image and brand values. The collection is full of joy, happiness and, of course, colour."

This is the first time Sephora has worked with the duo. “It was a true pleasure to work with them, so we’d of course be open to working with them again down the road,” said the company. “We like surprising our consumers, so if we were to collaborate again then it would be something completely different.”

The work with Craig & Karl was quite seamless, added the company: “We have built a very interesting partnership with them in order to deliver the best quality and translate to the suppliers what they had in mind at the beginning of the project. The colour expertise of Craig & Karl mixed with our packaging and industrial knowledge produced an awesome result that we couldn’t be happier with.”

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