Sexual wellness products buzzing on Cult Beauty

By Becky Bargh | Published: 8-Oct-2020

The beauty retailer has seen an 80% surge in page views of the category compared with 2019

Cult Beauty has revealed its sexual wellness category is buzzing with interest in 2020.

The beauty retailer reported an 80% increase in page views compared with 2019 as more consumers spend time at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sex toys with bolstered sales included the Zee, up 124%, The Romantic, which saw an increase of almost 80% and Eva II, with a 73% boost.

While vibrators and toys made up the majority of Cult’s sexual category sales, the retailer reported a notable amount of interest in the Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer.

Designed to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles, the product saw a 33% increase in sales compared with 2019.

Cult Beauty's sexual wellness category also stocks feminine hygiene products, supplements and Moon Juice's Sex Dust.

The site also stocks beauty products across skin, hair and body care, as well as fragrances and colour cosmetics.

In recent years, the lines have been blurred between the sexual wellness category and beauty as more retailers opt to stock sex tech.

Last year, Feelunique launched a dedicated sexual wellbeing sector, while Boots has made space on-shelf for its budding sexual category.

Speaking to Cult Beauty, Deborah Lee, a sexual and reproductive health specialist, noted that studies have shown using a vibrator is associated with positive health-seeking behaviour.

“If [...] sex is fulfilling and satisfying, you become detached from the effects of daily stress on your mind and body,” she said.

“It’s like plugging in your body for a physiological recharge.

“As you relax, your blood pressure falls, your heart rate slows and levels of the stress hormone cortisol are also reduced.”

Read more about how beauty is leading the sexual wellness movement via the link.

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