Silk’n Beautiful Technology develops lipo belt to target fat cells

By Becky Bargh | Published: 6-Mar-2018

The belt combines low level laser therapy and electric muscle stimulation to reduce and remove fat cells and fatty acids

Silk’n, a professional aesthetic device company, has launched its rechargeable and adjustable fat reducer belt, Silk’n Lipo (£449).

The device features two sources of energy, low level laser therapy and electric muscle stimulation, to reduce fat cells and improve muscle strength.

Low level laser technology is a fast-growing technology that is traditionally used to stimulate healing.

Meanwhile, electric muscle stimulation is conventionally used in pain therapy.

The belt is designed to be lightweight and easy to use; once the device is charged users should wet the pads and place in the treatment unit, connect the treatment units and place around the targeted area.

Users can attach the belt to the stomach, flank, thighs, bottom and upper arms for 15 minutes, up to three times a week.

The Silk’n Lipo is available at Current Body, Shy2Buy, WeightWorld, JustCare Health & Beauty, and Amazon.

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