Simple and sustainable: Epopack's core values and transformative story

Published: 6-Apr-2023

Epopack values simplicity and sustainability, offering eco-friendly packaging solutions that also prioritise aesthetics

The company's mission is to help brands worldwide tell their stories through packaging and at the same time demonstrate a respect for the earth.

Epopack shares: "Epopack's core values are to keep things simple and sustainable. This principle not only drives our product designs, but also guides our approach to conducting business and building long term relationships with our customers. However, achieving simplicity is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a continuous focus, refining every aspect of the process to ensure that even the most basic thing is executed flawlessly. Self-refinement is a crucial component of our core values. We believe that constant self-improvement is essential to achieving long-term goals.

Our founder Patrick, experienced a powerful wake-up call during his time volunteering at a recycling station. It was then he realised that his acrylic packaging was adding to the problem. This experience transformed Epopack, leading us to prioritise eco-friendly materials (PET and 100% PCR PET) and design products with an earth-caring mindset (single material). We continuously strive to learn from our experiences, listen to feedback, and adapt to changing circumstances. This is how we refine ourselves as individuals and as a company.

Customers demand more than just a container. They want storytelling packaging that communicates their message effectively. You shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and sustainability. At Epopack, we help customers worldwide present their brand's story in a unique and beautiful way. Always focusing on choosing the right materials and showing respect for the earth."

To learn more about EPOPACK's participation in Cosmoprof (Bologna, Italy) or get a discount code for purchasing tickets, contact the team here. Email:

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