Sirona Biochem announces patent for anti-ageing family of compounds

Published: 11-Apr-2014

French company announces patent application for second generation of glycoprotein compounds

French cosmetic ingredient and drug discovery company, Sirona Biochem, announced that a new patent application has been deposited by its subsidiary TFChem for a second generation of glycoprotein compounds.

The marketplace that this technology will target first will be anti-ageing cosmetics, and future applications may include consumer packaged goods and prescription pharmaceuticals.

Glycoproteins found in the cells of Antarctic fish were used to synthesise compounds derived from the naturally occurring proteins and using this, Sirona and TFChem created an anti-ageing technology intended to protect skin from cold temperatures, UV damage, oxidative stress and other catalysts of visible ageing.

Jacques Costeau's son and grandson, Jean-Michel and Fabien Costeau, will lend their names and global brand to support the commercialisation of this new technology.

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