Skincare by VV: Confidence in a jar

Published: 15-Feb-2021

Skincare by VV developed skin care line where all needs are addressed

Applying a cream on your skin is not skin care. Skin care is much more than that. It is taking care of your skin, understand its needs.

Skin care protects your skin’s health and beauty during the day. At night it restores cellular energy levels and stimulate the renewal of cells and fibers such as collagen and elastin.

At skincare by VV, we understand that having a beautiful skin makes us glow, makes us radiant. In other word it builds our confidence. And with confidence we can conquer the world.

For that purpose, we developed skin care line where all the needs were addressed. But not simply addressed, we carefully selected the best and most efficient ingredients at the correct concentration so the difference can be seen immediately. But let’s be honest, the major changes will be noticeable when you use our products for several weeks. Your skin will look healthier, more beautiful.

For our day cream, Like a Sunday Morning, we have emphasised on getting your skin well hydrated, protected from pollution, UV -induced stress and with boosted cutaneous vitamin D levels and the skin’s immune system. Your skin will be as beautiful as on a Sunday morning.

Beauty never sleeps is a night skin care major activity is repairing the damages the skin endured during the day. It rebuilds cellular DNA but also collagen and elastin, it replenishes the moisture levels so your skin is ready to glow and radiate the next day.

Age Awakening is our age defying serum contains the best anti-aging ingredient, vitamin A. It repairs UV induced ageing, reinforces the skin’s barrier and gives firmness and smoothness while your skin is hydrated.

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