Sleeping beauty: The brand on a mission to soothe consumers


Time-poor and technology-fatigued consumers could be set to benefit from the launch of a new brand that believes a good night's sleep shouldn't be reserved for the few, but accessible to all

Sleeping beauty: The brand on a mission to soothe consumers
Pippa Clark

Pippa Clark

Feather & Down was recently snapped up by UK retailer Boots, after impressing with its debut range of sleep-promoting cosmetics.

Cosmetics Business caught up with Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director of Potter & Moore Innovations (Creighton's), the company behind the brand.

Here she talks about the brand's development and ambitions, and why even health-conscious consumers are still selling themselves short on proper shut-eye...

What are consumer's sleeping habits like today?
UK adults are some of the worst sleepers in the world. More than a third (37%) of Britons say they do not get the right amount of sleep. Improved sleep is the second most common health ambition, beaten only by wanting to lose weight or improve BMI. Combine this with the fact that 15m+ UK women feel like they are about to burn out or are moderately or extremely stressed, as a nation, we need to take better care of ourselves and sleep plays a huge part in that.

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What products are consumers using to help them sleep better?
People are increasingly looking to technology to improve their sleeping habits, whether that’s thorough smart alarms or sleep trackers. However, technology is one of the biggest sleep disrupters, so going back to basics is not a bad idea. It’s all about creating the perfect ...

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