Space to gold mines: Hunting for extreme cosmetic ingredients

Published: 25-Jan-2023

Kyle S Landry and Julia Gropman from Delavie Sciences ask, what do we get when we push organisms to their limits?

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Organisms that thrive in extreme conditions are known as extremophiles.

Extremophiles have adapted to survive various strenuous conditions including, but not limited to, extreme temperatures, pH levels, atmospheric conditions and everything else in between. Some extremophiles can even live off toxic compounds.

Recently, a few extremophiles, such as tardigrades and radiodurans, have been highlighted in various news outlets.

They have even embraced pop culture, with the most recent new species of tardigrades being named after a Harry Potter character. The promise of extremophiles goes well beyond pop culture and science trivia.

Extremophiles are currently being studied for new pharmaceutical, commercial and industrial applications.

However, the use of extremophiles in the consumer care space is in its infancy.

Extremophile research

How does one start the journey into the world of extremophiles? You need to know what you are looking for and where to look.

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