Stoelzle bottles I Want Choo fragrance


The latest Jimmy Choo fragrance has a narrow neck and a very high corset

Stoelzle bottles I Want Choo fragrance

Stoelzle Masnieres Parfumerie has helped create the bottle for Jimmy Choo’s latest fragrance, I Want Choo.

The bottle was designed by long-term Choo collaborator Agence Objets de Convoitises and its faceted glass is said to play both with the light and with the delicate peachy colour of the fragrance.

According to Stoelzle, the primary technical challenge was to obtain the narrowing of the neck for the shape of the bottle with a very high corset.

To achieve this, the company pushed the glass through a very narrow opening in the neck, to achieve the shoulder that would give the expected result and ensure the correct closure.

In addition, the flatness of the face was subject to tolerance reduction in order to guarantee easy application of the JC monogram, while the base glass distribution – slightly raised on each side – provides dynamic support.

I Want Choo is an oriental floral composition based around the red lily and created by perfumers Sonia Constant, Antoine Maisondieu and Louise Turner.

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Bottles come in 4.5ml, 40ml, 60ml, 100ml and 120ml versions.