Stoelzle launches short screw cap bottle for easy reuse & recycling


Bottles allow covers to screw on easily and guarantees a tight fit

Stoelzle launches short screw cap bottle for easy reuse & recycling

Several leaders in the glass industry have grouped together to set up a geometric flaconnage working group at Cetie (Centre International Technique de l’Emballage et du Conditionnement), which has resulted in the development of a new range of screw rings in 13/15/17, adapted for the need to easily reuse and recycle bottles.

According to member Stoelzle, the ‘Bottle Neck Geometry’ group has been working on a short screw ring option and on the FEA/Screw Ring interchangeability option of the same height. Instead of the traditional FEA crimp rings, these new standard screw rings should be as short as possible, allowing the same pump covers to be used as their crimp counterparts, while guaranteeing they also screw on easily and have an optimal unscrewing break.

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As such, Stoelzle has introduced a new cubic 100ml bottle with a short screw cap; the rings have breaks in the threads, which guarantee a tight screw-on fit. The new technology allows Stoelzle customers to interchange between FEA or VIS rings, depending on the brand’s strategy, project and adaptation time of their packaging lines.