Stoelzle supports Maison Berger Paris with fragrance packaging

By Julia Wray | 19-May-2022

Stoelzle has worked with the French fragrance house on several new bottle designs

Glass specialist Stoelzle has worked with Maison Berger Paris on several new bottle designs.

For its Lampe Duality fragrance, designer Anthony Gambus was asked to explore multiple facets of femininity.

The shape of the original Duality has been reinvented with pleats, highlighted by a glamorous plum colour.

A black silicone band embossed with the name of the brand contrasts with the rest of the glass bottle.

According to Stoelzle, the striations of this bottle made it necessary for adjustments to the model to be made at the parting line, in order to avoid any alteration of the design during removal from the mould.

The fragrance house has also added to its Glacon Collection, adding a Glacon Gingko and (silver grey) and a Glacon Mountains (gold) to the collection.

The cube with rounded corners is said to bring softness, simplicity and modernity to the design.

Stoelzle was able to obtain total flatness on all four sides, essential to achieving the complexity of the decorations, which are repeated identically on each of the sides.

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