StratiCELL offers integrated genomic services

Published: 27-Jul-2010

Skin model manufacturer StratiCELL is now offering clients a range of integrated genomic services to help identify the skin care benefits of actives. Based on real time qPCR and TaqMan array technology, the services include cell and tissue culture, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, PCR and data analysis and interpretation.

The TaqMan array technology is said to allow for the simultaneous analysis and quantification of up to 384 genes involved in key skin biology processes. In addition, the system allows up to eight samples to be run in parallel.

StratiCELL has also pre-defined four TaqMan arrays focused on genes involved in skin ageing, skin barrier and differentiation, melanogenesis and sun protection or wound healing and inflammation. Specific TaqMan arrays focusing on client’s genes of interest can also be designed.

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