Sun protection: the past, present and future

Published: 12-Mar-2014

Chris McLeod highlights the facts, figures and leading industry opinion on the global sun care sector providing a history from its inception to the future

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This document highlights the facts, figures and leading industry opinion on the global sun care sector. The author provides a history of sun protection labelling from its inception to the present day before looking at the potential methods to further the sun care sector's aim of protecting the consumer against the negative effects of solar radiation.

The document sees the leading commentators in sun care protection present their opinions on the recent issues faced worldwide and how sun care regulation functions in reality. Finally, the author addresses alternative testing methods, whether sun care labelling can be harmonised internationally and how the future of sun protection can evolve.

This document looks to bring together the leading information to provide a platform for the industry to review, change and/or hone current practices to ensure that the future of sun care protection continues to bring practicality, feasibility and relevancy closer to its core.


  1. The past: reviewing the history of sun care protection
  2. UVA and UVB radiation: the science and detrimental effects of UV radiation
  3. 1970s-present: how industry and consumer opinion has changed with advanced research
  4. The global sun protection methods: a review of the history and currently accepted SPF and UVA international labelling criteria
  5. The future: a review of how the industry will move forward with SPF and UVA protection
  6. A question for debate: industry commentators discuss the integration of science and art surrounding the laboratory developed testing methods with the spontanteity of sun care protection in reality
  7. Alternative methods: a review of some of the alternative methods currently in development for sun care protection labelling
  8. What's the answer: a conclusion

Industry commentators
Dr Michael Caswell – Vice President of Clinical Evaluations, Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc.
Mr Christophe Courbiere – Pharm. D., Solar Studies Manager (in vivo & in vitro), IDEA TESTS GROUP
Mr Julian Hewitt – Technical Consultant to the Sun Care Industry, JPH SunCare Technologies
Dr Marc Pissavini – Research and Development Director, Coty - Lancaster
Mr Joe Stanfield – Founder and President, Suncare Research Laboratories
Mr John Staton – Director, Dermatest Pty Australia

Mr Chris McLeod MA

For reference purposes
McLeod, C. J. (2014); Sun protection: the past, present and future; Cosmetics Business;

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