Sustainable and exclusive skincare achieved by ALU-Airless

Published: 12-Sep-2022

In the era when consumers are always searching for products with customisation element, tailor-made formula is certainly one of the ultimate goals for brands

Over the years, primary products like shampoo and body wash, have made a splash in formula customisation. However, there seems to be little progress for the high-value products that consumers most wish to customise, such as serums. UA's newly launched ALU airless is able to address this issue in terms of sustainability and premium customisation.

50% plastic reduction

Common luxury airless packaging features heavy outer shell, resulting in nearly 50% non-recyclable plastic being used for decorative purposes. It is apparent that such designs fail to meet the growing trend toward sustainability. UA solved this dilemma by replacing the plastic to endlessly recyclable aluminium, achieving sustainability and a premium appearance at the same time.

Sustainable and exclusive skincare achieved by ALU-Airless

Refillable container supports cost-effective custom formula delivery

Both consumers and brand can benefit from using refillable airless containers. For consumers, they simply need to buy individual rechargers when they repurchase, which is more economical than buying an entire new product and reduces the amount of plastic used. For manufacturers, using refillable container is an effective way to reduce inventory pressure. The value of the rechargers is much lower than the entire product. Plus, recharger requires no customisation.

Premium engraved personalisation

Laser engraving gives a tangible embossing touch, which makes your customisation service apart from other companies that using normal printing, labelling, or even just displaying the customer’s name on the order. Imagine how excited your customers will be when they receive a tailor-made serum packaged in a bottle with their name laser engraved on it.

Sustainable and exclusive skincare achieved by ALU-Airless

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