SymSol PF-3 solubiliser from Symrise provides PEG-free option

Wide range of cosmetic applications including transparent products

Symrise has introduced a new PEG-free solubiliser – SymSol PF-3. The company has applied for a patent on the material which can be used to solubilise lipophilic substances, such as perfume and essential oils, actives and vitamins in pure aqueous and aqueous alcoholic product formulations.

But Symrise says SymSol PF-3 is more than just a PEG-free solubiliser, recommending it for many kinds of fragrance, hair or body care applications.

SymSol PF-3 is said to allow a clear solution of oil soluble substances in pure aqueous and aqueous alcoholic product formulations. As a liquid product, it is also said to be easy to handle because it is cold processable; it is colourless and clearly soluble in water, it does not exert influence on the colour and odour in the final formulation, and it leaves a pleasant skin feel. SymSol PF-3 can also be used as an emulsifier or co-emulsifier in o/w formulations, says Symrise.

In comparison to PEG-containing products SymSol PF-3 is claimed to show excellent solubilising performance while excelling against other PEG-free solubilisers on cost efficiency, colour and odour.

Recommended for use in hair and body care products as well as gels, wet wipes, after shaves and fragrances, SymSol PF-3 is recommended for use at levels of up to 5% in rinse-off products and up to 3% in leave-on products.

“We have observed a trend towards PEG-free products for some time now. There are a number of customers who are no longer working with PEG-containing products and more have expressed a wish to have cost effective PEG-free alternatives. However, they are still rare to find in the market”, says Rolf Ohrmann, global product manager functionals at Symrise. “This is a great chance for SymSol PF-3 because it combines both a PEG-free formulation and the performance of a standard PEG-containing product. It will grant our customers an advantage over other products because they can deliver reliable performance without the disadvantages of products containing PEG.”

William Johncock, vp of Symrise’s global business unit UV protection and functionals adds: “We understand that the current trend is mainly heading towards PEG-free products. SymSol PF-3 can actually help our customers formulate products which are an answer to consumer expectations. This will lead to more skin-friendly products which, on the other hand, underlines our competence in the solubiliser sector. We believe that SymSol PF-3 is capable of setting a standard in the market for such products.”