Symrise explores fragrances of China

Perfumers seek inspiration in Yunnan and Jiangxi provinces

Fragrance and flavours specialist Symrise has sent a group of its top perfumers to the Yunnan and Jiangxi provinces in China to discover the area’s smells, tastes and sights. According to the company, the second scent expedition, which took place between 23-31 May included visits to fresh flower markets, tuberose, jasmine and gardenia fields, orris plantations, bamboo forests, tea factories and raw material processing plants. Symrise hopes memories from the China expedition will remain a source of inspiration for its perfumers.

To adapt their work to a specific country, perfumers need to capture local preferences for inspiration, says Symrise, which ran the expedition as part of its Perfumers’ Academy, established to continue the education of its perfumers.

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