Take the best light with you with simplehuman’s award-winning sensor mirror compact

Published: 3-Dec-2019

Back in 2013, simplehuman introduced the first sensor activated mirror into the UK market.

A premium American housewares brand known for sleek, technology led designs, simplehuman had already helped millions of people streamline day to day life with a wide range of kitchen and bathroom products, known as “tools for efficient living”.

simplehuman’s sensor mirror was no exception as it lit up automatically when your face approached, and the patented tru-lux lighting provided unparalleled colour-correctness, brightness and clarity.

Its super bright LED light ring not only mimicked natural sunlight, but also reflected light consistently and evenly so there was no light loss or hot spots – great for flawless foundation, effective contouring and precise hair removal.

Today, simplehuman’s sensor mirror range consists of eight different mirror styles offering a variety of features, magnifications, power options and colour finishes, including the award-winning sensor mirror compact, which gives you the confidence of tru-lux lighting on the go!

With a sensor mirror compact in your clutch, there’s no more relying on poor light in the loos at parties to check your look.

At 10cm wide and just 1cm thick, the compact fits in easily with your handbag essentials while giving you all the benefits of simplehuman’s tru-lux light system, so you can be sure your makeup is colour-correct and flawless!

When you take the mirror out of the sensor pouch or case, a sensor in the mirror turns the light ring on automatically, and turns it off again when the mirror is put back in.

The 3x magnification gives you a hyper-clear view of every detail and the power button lets you toggle between 650 or 300 lux brightness settings, so you can use the mirror discreetly in a candlelit restaurant or busy train.

A fold-out ring handle is secure and comfortable in your hand orcan be used as a stand for hands-free viewing. The mirror can be recharged using the USB cable included, and one charge lasts up to 1 week with typical daily usage.

The sensor mirror compact is available in four colour finishes so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Choose from brushed, rose gold, white or black stainless steel.

All four are available from simplehuman.com/uk - £89.99 for brushed, rose gold and black, £99.99 for white – and come with a five-year warranty for total peace of mind.

From early 2020, simplehuman’s UK fans will be able to elevate their everyday makeup routine with the sensor mirror hi-fi, which sets the tone for your day by combining the best lighting with your favourite music or podcast — all in one convenient place.

Its integrated speaker delivers big, rich, crystal-clear sound and features dynamic proximity audio, which automatically lowers when your face gets close to the mirror and turns up when you are farther away.

To be the first in the know about this, and other new products, offers and events, sign up to the mailing list on simplehuman.com/uk.

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