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Tattoo skincare brand Electric Ink breaks into South Korean market

By Becky Bargh | Published: 24-Aug-2018

Today, tattoos in South Korea are seen as a taboo topic; this new launch marks a turning point in the country’s attitudes towards the inked population

Electric Ink, a vegan tattoo care brand, has announced it is entering the South Korean beauty market.

In the range products are said to be packed with active ingredients that work to keep skin under tattoos nourished and the ink colourful and defined.

Currently, tattooists are not widely accepted in South Korea and in order to practice in the country the artist must be a licensed doctor.

Stu Jolley, founder of Electric Ink, said: “We hope the brand will encourage people to become more accepting of tattoos and will allow individuals to better express themselves.”

Despite the distaste towards tattoos in the country, there are a number of underground tattoo parlours, as practicing without a medical licence is illegal.

Aerok Kim, a well-known tattoo artist in the country’s capital, Seoul, told the BBC he believes it is personal preference whether a consumer should get a tattoo or not.

He said: “I doesn’t have to be illegal or legal.

“It’s a person’s love, I think, and if that person wants to get it and if the person who’s doing it is certified and qualified, just because in Korea it is illegal that doesn’t mean we’re not qualified.”

The products are available now in Seoul and are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

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