The Fellowship launches inclusive men's grooming brand with bold design from Free The Birds

By Austyn King | 15-Jun-2021

Offering products for skin, body and hair, the UK-based brand features bright and bold packaging to communicate its values of community and equality

New grooming brand The Fellowship has launched onto the men's care scene, offering a selection of skin, body and hair care products for 'the modern gentleman' complete with a bold packaging design and brand identity created by design agency Free the Birds.

With an aim to challenge the traditional aesthetic of men's products while communicating the brand's core values of community and equality – which The Fellowship describes as “the ethos of the modern gentleman” – Free The Birds chose a bright chartreuse colour palette for the packaging, as well as The Fellowship's logo in bold black typeface, which is designed to represent a sense of pride and shamelessness around self-care that the UK-based brand hopes to promote among its customers.

Explaining the design choices, Nick Vaus, Creative Director and Partner at Free The Birds, said: "The tradition with men’s grooming products is to opt for greys, blacks and browns.

“But notions of masculinity are changing, and with that, our gendered preconceptions of colour.

“The bright, accented colour palette we’ve chosen conveys just the sense of modernism that The Fellowship and its target customers embody, and also ensures the products catch the eye of the customer straight away, which is particularly important for new brands entering this competitive category.”

Self-care simplified

The brand's labelling features simple typography using the 'equals' sign (=) as a motif to clearly communicate each product's benefits – such as “coconut extract equals healthy hair growth” – designed to convey a 'no-frills' attitude to grooming to appeal to The Fellowship's target consumer.

Finally, the products are topped off with simple black lids and pumps to provide an industrial feel as well as a sense of maturity and quality, according to Free The Birds.

Duncan Morris, co-founder of The Fellowship, added: “The men’s grooming market is increasingly busy and choosing the right brand can be daunting given the choice and limited spare time that modern men possess.

“We needed our brand to stand out to people, and quickly communicate who we are, in a way that didn’t feel fussy or overly-designed.

“We’re so pleased with the new identity that we have replicated the chartreuse equals motif across our other channels, including our Instagram account and website.”

The new design features on The Fellowship's Essential Founders Kit (£84), which comprises the brand's Advanced Moisturiser, Strengthening Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Energising Face & Body Wash and Toning Body Moisturiser, and will be rolled out to more products later this year.

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