The striking fragrance of Vanguard Eau De Parfum

Published: 17-May-2019

Mr Vanguard is an award-winning, British fragrance brand, launched in the summer of 2017

The brand was awarded Gold status for the Best New British Brand, and Silver status for the Best New Male Premium Fragrance, at the 2018 Pure Beauty Awards.

Mr Vanguard embodies the attributes of a contemporary man - those who at the forefront, aspiring to be leaders and aware of personal presentation.

After three years of specialised research and development, the debut fragrance; Vanguard Eau de Parfum was launched. And in the space of mere months, from the week of launch, the scent received much praise, gaining the attention of media heavyhitters such as Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Esquire.

Vanguard Eau De Parfum

The first scent introduced to the market is masculine, distinctive and contemporary. Mr Vanguard will offer future scents with this DNA intact/ We aim to present not one representation of a modern man, but many forms.

As our debut campaign video shows, the Vanguard man takes up many positions in the world and is varied when it comes to personal expression, particularly in the area of fashion.

The striking but understated fragrance includes top notes of coconut, bergamot and grapefruit. Heart notes, compromising lily of the valley, vetiver, jasmine and rose. And base notes, containing vanilla, cedarwood, amber and patchouli.

Together, these notes create a long-lasting, fresh scent that is sure to ignite conversation and turn heads for all the right reasons.

Vanguard Eau de Parfum, 50ml, currently retails at £64.99 and is currently available on the company website;

The Journey

At the age of 26, Mr Vanguard's founder, Emmanuel Omoyele was inspired to develop a fragrance. As a self-proclaimed "fragrance enthusiast," he was aware of the prevalence and sometimes overwhelming use of mainstream scents.

Following many conversations, it became apparent that consumers were in search of new fragrance brands - many stating that commercial brands were no longer their "go-to," as a result of their ubiquitous nature.

Emmanuel concluded that he would develop a new generation of fragrance, merging quality, innovation and style. He was determined to create a debut scent that was distinctive and in sccordance, a brand that fed the psyche of the contemporary man - allowing them to feel inspired, confident and captivating.

To adhere to the quality component of the brand, he sought the expertise of a perfumer based in the North West of England. And subsequently, they would capture Emmanuel's vision and the long-lasting element that was crucial and could rival mainstream and niche brands alike.

Vanguard Eau de Parfum is a scent highlypraised. Mr Vanguard is a lifestyle brand adoredby many, attracting new customers and admirers, everyday, from around the globe.

Emmanuel, in collaboration with the company's marketing director; close friend, Ahmed Solomon, they have together built an outstanding aesthetic.

Emmanuel states “every Vanguard man is on a mission towards the achievement of success - success, defined on an individual basis. And to aid this journey, what better way than a scent explicitly designed for the inspirational, fearless and self-assured man.”

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