TikTok’s highest earning beauty influencers revealed

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 16-Jun-2022

Beauty influencer James Charles can earn up to US$36,200 for a sponsored TikTok post

The highest earning TikTok and social media influencers have been revealed in a new study.

James Charles has claimed the top spot as the highest earning beauty influencer for 2022 so far, according to data from voucher site Hey Discount.

The former CoverGirl ambassador can earn an eye-watering US$36,200 for a sponsored TikTok reel.

Charles’ career has not been without controversy, however.

In 2021 he admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to two 16-year-old boys, according to the BBC.

In a now deleted apology video titled ‘holding myself accountable’, the YouTtube star publicly apologised to the two boys.

Charles’ YouTube channel, which currently has 24 million subscribers, was demonetised following the revelation, which is still the case in 2022.

Despite being unable to make money through adverts on YouTube, research found that the make-up influencer can still make up to $76,785 for posting a sponsored Instagram post.

Charles is followed by Syrian influencer Narins Beauty in terms of total worth.

Narin Amara can make up to $28,541 for uploading a sponsored Instagram post and up to $2,803 for a sponsored TikTok reel.

The influencer’s popularity took off when she started posting on YouTube in 2014, with videos focusing on beauty, DIY make-up and general vlogs.

She currently has 8.7 million Instagram followers and 13.2 million YouTube subscribers.

Sandra Cires Art rounds off the list of the highest-earning influencers.

Cires can earn up to $11,271.25 for a sponsored Instagram post and up to $8,809 for a sponsored TikTok reel.

The Miami-based artist and beauty blogger has over 16 million YouTube subscribers.

Other notable TikTok influencers include:

  1. Dr Muneeb Shah - $14,591*
  2. Hyram - $6,400
  3. Jade Marie - $2,201
  4. Joanna Zhou - $2,300
  5. Dr Dustin Portella - $2,100
  6. Young Yuh - $1,700
  7. James Welsh - $130
  8. Dr. Vanita Rattan - $608
  9. What’s on Vi’s face - $901
  10. Bauer Beauty - $345
  11. Charlotte Palermino - $343
  12. Liah Yoo - $137

*Earnings per TikTok post.

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