UK beauty industry reaches historic milestone with dedicated government representatives

By Becky Bargh | Published: 15-Jan-2021

The move will mean beauty is no longer included with hospitality or leisure in government decisions

The UK beauty industry has made history this week after it was granted a dedicated team within government to support the personal care sector.

The move means that personal care will no longer be included as part of hospitality or leisure when decisions are made within government, which has caused confusion for the sector when new rules have been implemented due to Covid-19.

The British Beauty Council, UK Spa Association, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and the National Hair & Beauty Federation have heavily campaigned for a sector-specific team and described the milestone as a ‘game changing move’ forward for the industry.

The corporations said the introduction of a dedicated sector team will help the government improve its understanding of the category and appreciate the economic value of the beauty industry.

“When the British Beauty Council formed in 2018 there was no government representation,” said the British Beauty Council’s CEO Millie Kendall.

“This government recognition cements one of the key goals of the British Beauty Council, which forms its inception set out to have the beauty industry recognised at government level; creating the first working definition of the beauty industry and also commissioning an exhaustive report aimed at valuing the contribution of the beauty industry to the UK economy.

“Fast-forward two years and we have achieved this major milestone as an industry and look forward to shining the light on the beauty industry to further showcase and improve this amazing sector in which we all work.”

Over the last year, beauty’s industry bodies have worked closely with the government's Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to negotiate through the coronavirus pandemic, giving rise to a growing relationship with the UK government.

“The creation of a designated sector team for personal care within government is a monumental moment for the industry, clearly demonstrating the newly attained credibility, reputation and valued economic contribution we have worked so hard to highlight,” added Helena Grzesk, the British Beauty Council’s COO.

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