Unilever’s Lux brand launches Moleskine notebook

By Lucy Tandon Copp 22-Feb-2017

The limited edition notebook is inspired by fragrance and was created with the help of fragrance company Firmenich

Lux, the Unilever-owned bathroom products brand, has worked with Italian papermaker and product designer Moleskine to create a notebook.

The two companies have teamed up to create a limited-edition notebook called Lux Fragrance Notes (€20), featuring delicate watercolour artwork and quotes from master perfumers.

The notebook provides an introduction to the art of perfume creation as well as a guide to fragrance evaluation and a page for consumers to record their fragrance notes.

Lux worked with fragrance development company Firmenich on the project, as well as Lux Master Perfumers Loc Dong, Nicole Mancini, Gil Clavien, Sabine de Tscharner and Annie Buzantian.

Sherry Linert, Firmenich Global Director, said: “Creating a fragrance is a delicate and fine art, but through this inspirational and instructive notebook, I hope that we have opened this mysterious craft up to fragrance lovers everywhere.”

Sandra Loeb, Global Brand Director, Lux, said: “By unlocking the secrets of perfumery, we will engage our consumers in an even more authentic and impactful way.”

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The notebook is only available in China, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.