Versace launches triplets

Published: 25-Feb-2014

Italian couture house Versace is to launch Gianni Versace Couture, three eaux de parfum housed in napa leather cases dyed to match their key ingredients and with a Greek key motif stitched into the leather. They will cost €350 for 100ml or €180 for an empty bottle that can be refilled.

The launch is exclusive to Harrods in March and will then roll-out to Versace boutiques and selected retailers worldwide.

The fragrances, based on violet, tuberose and jasmine – said to be designer Donatella Versace’s favourite flowers – were created by Givaudan perfumers Alexandra Kosinski, Aurélien Guichard and Antoine Maisondieu. Kosinski’s fragrance (the violet) also includes notes of mimosa, musk and heliotrope, Guichard’s fragrance (the tuberose) has notes of almond and ambrox and Maisondieu’s fragrance (the jasmine) contains ylang-ylang, rose and benzoin.

The fragrances will be publicised by small-scale PR initiatives rather than a comprehensive ad campaign, as the house believes that they will appeal to the collector market rather than the general buyer.

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