Vida Glow launches Clear Advanced Repair, a targeted ingestible treatment for acne-prone skin

Published: 31-Mar-2023

The future of beauty is ingestible: a disruptive and science-credible directive driven by category leaders, Vida Glow

Amplifying the systemic relationship between inner health and modern beauty concerns, Vida Glow’s targeted ingestible approach sees an evolving pipeline of products – one that revolutionises the way individuals address skin and beauty needs with efficacy and innovation. Today, the brand’s global momentum continues with a brand-new addition to their clinically backed Advanced Repair range. A powerful, once-daily solution for symptoms of acne and breakouts.

Acne is an umbrella term that includes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, cysts and nodules. It’s the largest skin disorder in the world and the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide – affecting both men and women. And while acne can be triggered by several factors, including diet, stress, genetics, lifestyle factors and hormonal changes, it’s underlying causes are linked to the same key factors: excess or high production of oil, overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria and build-up of dead skin cells in the pore.

Creating a targeted supplement to manage the symptoms of acne was an evident next move for the ingestible brand. The formulation of Vida Glow’s Clear began in May 2020, extending into a meticulous two-year process of research and development before its official launch into market. The result was a breakthrough 2-in-1 capsule to relieve symptoms of mild to moderate acne – that includes pimples, blackheads, excess oil and skin inflammation.

“Acne is estimated to affect 9.4% of the global population. It’s an emotional and stubborn skin condition that appears on the surface, but really starts deep within skin. Which is why I’m so excited to evolve our Advanced Repair range with our latest innovation, Clear. A comprehensive, cellular level solution that targets acne at its cause. For a calm, clarified and confident complexion.” — ANNA LAHEY, VIDA GLOW FOUNDER

Format innovation was a top consideration for Vida Glow’s Clear. Utilising cap-in-cap technology to combine key minerals, vitamins and omega oils with trademarked probiotic – AcuSolve – into one compact capsule that helps heal skin. The advanced synergy of ingredients take effect on the gut-skin axis to holistically treat breakouts both in the short term and long term. Working to control oil production, neutralise bad bacteria by nourishing gut flora, reducing redness and calming skin inflammation.


  • Relieve symptoms of acne
  • Decrease pimples, blackheads and oily skin
  • Soothe skin inflammation
  • Nourish good gut flora
  • Support wound healing

Vida Glow launches Clear Advanced Repair, a targeted ingestible treatment for acne-prone skin

Cap-in-cap technology

Vida Glow's 2-in-1 capsule technology allows for the advanced pairing of essential skin- clearing ingredients – including probiotics, zinc, vitamin A, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids – which could not be combined in another format. The duo-cap protects the integrity of hero probiotic active, AcuSolveTM. Preserving the live bacteria to ensure the gut receives the full spectrum of probiotic benefits.


Our body has its own natural microbial ecosystem which supports digestive function, skin and overall health. When the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microbes is off, our gut is in dysbiosis – which can cause inflammation or infection, and leaky gut. Probiotics are beneficial for digestive health and are being studied for the treatment of inflammatory disease like acne. They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in our bodies, working to normalise gut bacteria, improve digestion and soothe inflammation throughout the body – skin included.


A trademarked strain unique to Vida Glow, AcuSolveTM is an Australian grown probiotic that’s been extensively studied to modulate the gut microbiome, while improving skin health via the skin-gut axis to help relieve symptoms of acne.


Vida Glow’s Clear targets symptoms of mild to moderate acne triggered by hormones, diet and modern lifestyles. And as an ingestible supplement, it has a systemic effect. Helping to manage symptoms that appear on the face and neck, and other hard to treat areas like the back and chest. With consistent use, improvements in acne symptoms can be seen from as early as 1 month. And in clinical trials, participants reported a reduction in symptoms of acne by 50% after just 3 months of daily supplementation.

Clear is a vegan supplement, suitable for both men and women aged 15 and up. It will be available for purchase online at, Sephora UK, Look Fantastic, as well as in-store at Harrods, Selfridge’s, Harvey Nichols & Liberty London from £45.00 GBP.

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