Watchdog calls Walmart out over 'Made in USA' claims

Published: 8-Jul-2015 said it has found more than 100 products in violation

US retailer Walmart has come under fire from watchdog Truth in Advertising ( over some of its ‘Made in the USA’ claims and labels.

The non-profit consumer advocacy organisation wrote a letter to Walmart on 22 June stating that an investigation had carried out into revealed that more than 100 products sold on the website used “false and/or deceptive” Made in the USA and Assembled in the USA representations.

Among the products in question were the Equate Beauty Wedge Applicator Sponges. The letter noted the sponges are labelled as Made in the USA on the Walmart website, but made in China according to product packaging.

Similarly, the watchdog picked up on inconsistencies when it came to Equate 7 Day Dental Whitening System Advanced Whitening Wraps, that were being sold on The wraps were labelled Made in the USA, noted in the letter, but the product appears to be imported.

The letter, which was signed by Laura Smith, Legal Director of Truth in Advertising, concluded: “Walmart’s use of its USA labels and specifications is false and deceptive, and therefore in violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s standards for making US-origin claims, as well as Section 5(a) of the FTC Act.”

Walmart did respond to stating that the company was taking steps to change any misrepresentations. However, believes Walmart has only made “limited progress” in removing the offending labels, while “numerous issues remain” it noted on its website. said it would continue to monitor Walmart’s website.

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