What Coty vs Akzente could mean for cosmetics

By Sarah Parsons 18-Apr-2017

Does safeguarding your brand's prestige entitle you to limit your distributors online sales? That's what Coty is asking for from the European Court of Justice

What Coty vs Akzente could mean for cosmetics

Rania Sedhom is the Managing Partner at Sedhom Law in New York. A specialist in business and commercial law, here she highlights to Cosmetics Business the potential impact that the Coty v Akzente trend could have on the whole of beauty industry.

Rania Sedhom

Rania Sedhom

"As a lawyer, I’m trained to see both sides of each coin, and sometimes that can be quite challenging. On this issue, however, both sides of this proverbial coin make compelling arguments.

High-end fragrances, like their fellow luxury product counterparts, abhor ubiquity and thrive on rarity, workmanship and exclusivity. Coty suggests that its distributor, Akzente, is diluting its brand by selling its fragrances on Amazon.

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Amazon is everywhere, a place that luxury Cody fragrances don’t want to be. On the other hand, luxury brands, including personal care, cosmetics and fragrances, have long enjoyed online sales.


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