Why ferulic acid is so much more than just a vitamin C stabiliser

Published: 2-Aug-2022

Dr Catharine Denning explains why the ingredient is a great photoprotection provider in its own right

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The plant-based antioxidant ferulic acid has long been used to stabilise vitamin C-containing formulas. But Dr Catharine Denning, Advanced Aesthetics Doctor at drdenning.co.uk, says it is a potent antioxidant in its own right.

Why ferulic acid is so much more than just a vitamin C stabiliser

Ferulic acid is a plant-based antioxidant that is naturally found in foods such as aubergine, rice and oats. Its primary use commercially is in skin care, but it is also used as a preservative in some pharmaceutical drugs and foods.

Antioxidants have become a staple in daily skin care in the past few years. Cosmetic antioxidants have been a buzzword in the beauty industry recently with their market projected to reach US$158m by 2025 from $119m in 2020.

Why do we need antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules that protect us from free radicals damaging cells in our bodies. Free radicals are reactive molecules that cause damage to the body if found in large amounts. Free radical damage is linked to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Our body has natural defences against free radicals and diets rich in fruits and vegetables (and therefore rich in antioxidants) can help support this defence.

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