Why skin care for the 'V' is creating a new category in beauty

Published: 21-Mar-2018

Perfect V, an industry first skin care range for women's bikini area, launched in Harvey Nichols earlier this year, here Cosmetics Business exclusively talks to founder Avonda Urben about her inspiration and creating a new skin care category

Avonda Urben

Avonda Urben

After spending 20 years in the beauty industry with leading company’s such as Revlon and L’Oréal, life took Marketing Consultant Avonda Urben away from the bustle of New York City to the Scandinavian, Norway.

She embraced the Nordic lifestyle with all its new challenges and it was there she established her brainchild beauty brand Perfect V, a skin care range for women’s bikini area.

Here she talks to Cosmetics Business about her Nordic inspiration, creating her own skin care category and her plans to make women feel comfortable talking about ‘the V’.

You have essentially created a new category for the beauty industry? Why did you want your products to be in a unique category? 

Simply put there was a need for these products - there are no luxury skin care products designed specifically for the V.

Women already take care of their bikini area by removing hair and taking care of their bikini area however none of the premium brands offer anything lux to keep that skin looking great.

Why is this collection of products suitable for the bikini area? What makes it different from other skin care products? 

This line of luxury skincare was developed specifically for a woman's bikini area which we call the V (the area we shave, use depilatory creams, laser, sugar or just trim).

Our line of VV Creams were formulated to address the specific concerns of that delicate skin plus provide real skin care benefits - moisturising, comforting, smoothing - the line really pampers the skin - like we do for the rest of the body.

The Perfect V is a range of luxurious formulations with clean beauty principles – the products contain no parabens, are SLS Free, no fragrance, and are not tested on animals. 

What’s the science behind making a collection for the bikini area? 

The formulas are designed to address specific problems associated with the V - but also focus on the end benefits - smooth, lustrous, radiant skin.

The natural ingredients found in Scandinavia (arctic cloudberry, bilberry, elderflower, lingonberry, rose hips and sea buckthorn) all work together to alleviate the problems associated with removing hair and soften and moisturise the skin. 

Where are the products formulated? 

We formulate and make the products in a reputable facility in England and follow the strict regulations of the EU and Scandinavia.

The chemists that worked on these formulas are specialists in women’s skin care. 

Why skin care for the 'V' is creating a new category in beauty

Did you know there was a market for this type of product? 

I remember thinking that women are removing more and more hair in the V area so there is a tremendous need for some good quality skin care - but I couldn't find anything.

The skin is more delicate yet we treat it harshly and the only products really available are problem/solution rather than like other skin care products that not only address problems but also help to deliver more beautiful skin as well. 

What was your inspiration for the imagery and packing for the brand? 

I wanted the line to look more like skincare and less like a utilitarian product.

Scandinavian design is so calming with its minimalist lines and straightforward messaging.

The primary colour is a nude blush which I love, the blue is indicative of the beautiful blue water of the Oresund near my house in Copenhagen and the gold is the amazing Nordic sun.

I think the three colours are so calming and work beautifully together.

What’s your plan to make women feel more comfortable talking about the ‘V’?

What is amazing to me is that women are already talking about it, but in a quiet way.

We want women to be able to have luxury products to buy and feel good about themselves.

They don't have to go to the back of the apothecary or drugstore and look for feminine care - this is skin care - just like other body care moisturisers and lotions.

The other amazing thing is that women do not really have a name for the bikini area.

I named it the V - because of the shape of the area and everyone seems to understand what it is.

They like it - it sounds matter of fact - like you have a leg, an arm and a V.

You can say it without getting embarrassed, it just sounds nice.

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