You may want PCR plastic packaging, but can you get it right now?

Published: 22-Feb-2022

As the demand for Post-Consumer Recycled plastic rises, there is a fear of shortages. However, at EPOPACK we have good news

EPOPACK sources all raw material from within our home country of Taiwan, which still has a robust supply of PCR PET plastic. So that means we have plenty of 100% PCR bottles and jars available.

Perhaps some suppliers are experiencing material shortages right now. But one thing is for sure: all of us in the industry are currently affected by shipping times.

Shipping delays are now a reality that must be planned for

If you want PCR containers for your hair care or skin care cosmetics, we have them! But you’ll need to plan ahead to receive them on time.

For example, it previously took about four weeks to ship from Taiwan to America. Currently it may take up to 10 weeks.

So please adjust your lead times and scheduling expectations.

Is there enough PCR plastic to meet global demand?

The popularity of PCR continues to rise among brands and consumers. Maybelline has just announced their goal to use 100% recycled plastic by 2030.

We have seen questions like “is there enough PCR to go around?”

If you order with EPOPACK, the answer is Yes.

Our unique supply & production of PCR

To maintain our steady supply of PCR, we are partnered with DA.AI Technology Co. Nearly 2,000 tons of PET bottles are collected each year from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation recycling stations across Taiwan.

Once the bottles are sorted, washed, and melted into resin, our special process transforms them into luxury bottles and jars of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled material. Our PCR is certified GRS 4.0 by Intertek Testing Services, and meets many EU standards such as RoHs, Reach, etc.

If you want to guarantee access to high-quality PCR containers for your products, then contact us now to get samples and to plan a realistic timeline for delivery.

Email our project manager Amy Pan to get started:

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