Nicola Kilner returns to Deciem after being fired

Published: 4-Jul-2018

The fired co-CEO has now returned to Deciem, Cosmetics Business can confirm

Nicola Kilner, the former co-CEO of beauty brand Deciem who was fired in February, has returned to the company as co-CEO and "co-worker".

Deciem told Cosmetics Business that the company was "really happy to confirm" Kilner had returned.

Describing how she felt, Kilner said: "So so so soooo happy, excited and grateful, all in crazy not-ordinary amounts :-)))."

In an Instagram post published by Deciem yesterday, seemingly by the brand's founder Brandon Truaxe, it stated: "Our co-worker is back—but never behind. We love you, @nicolalkilner."

The words captioned a photo of Truaxe with a smiling Kilner on a sunny day.

The brand's followers showed their support for Kilner.

francesduffield19I commented: "I am absolutely thrilled with this news, I was so sad when she wasn’t part of Deciem. Looking forward to seeing her back on QVC UK hopefully."

Meanwhile lauriesnailstudio posted: "Amazing news! So glad you two worked things out. Welcome back @nicolalkilner."

Fired in February

Back in February Kilner was fired from her role, after serving with the company for more than four years.

The reason behind her dismissal was because she allegedly questioned Truaxe's mental health, Racked originally reported.

In a candid interview in April with Elle, Kilner shared her side of the story, explaining that she was shocked by the decision to end her employment.

At the time, she told Elle: "It’s his choice. His decision. I don’t think you get fired from a job when you’re doing a good job. But with Brandon, it was never [just about] business. It was much more personal.”

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