Nikko Chemicals unveils breakthrough in Levan biopolymer production for cosmetic industry

Published: 28-Dec-2023

The company is strategically targeting the burgeoning functional food market, responding to the escalating interest in prebiotics

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd., a pioneering force in the chemical industry, has achieved a milestone in the development of the functional biopolymer "Levan," marking a significant leap in efficient manufacturing methods. The breakthrough, announced by Hideyuki Nakahara, the company's Representative Director, President, and Executive Officer, was presented by Kazuyuki Kimura at the recent 9th International Fructan Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Derived from Bacillus subtilis, a strain isolated from bacteria inhabiting fast-flowing riverbeds, Levan is poised to make waves in the cosmetic industry. The presentation at the prestigious conference highlighted the establishment of an efficient manufacturing process, showcasing Nikko Chemicals' commitment to advancing research in fructans.

The International Fructan Symposium, an influential gathering of global fructan researchers, provided a platform for Nikko Chemicals to unveil its study, titled "Pilot Scale Levan Production/Establishing an efficient manufacturing method for Levan." The focus of the study was on the pilot-scale manufacturing preparedness for market introduction, emphasizing safety, adhesiveness, and probiotic functionality, especially in the context of its impact on the skin as a cosmetic raw material.

In line with the company's strategic vision, the next phase of research and development aims to significantly amplify both scale and the assessment of functionalities in preparation for market launch. Nikko Chemicals is strategically targeting the burgeoning functional food market, responding to the escalating interest in prebiotics.

As Nikko Chemicals propels Levan toward commercial viability, the cosmetic industry is set to witness a transformative addition to its raw material repertoire, paving the way for innovative formulations with far-reaching implications for skincare and cosmetic applications.

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