Northstar Lipids

Northstar Lipids is a UK specialist in the field of high value plant derived natural oils.

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We have over 30 years technical, operational and commercial experience and a breadth of expertise covering the sourcing, processing and end-use applications for our products; this enables us to help our customers select the right oil for their needs, be it for health-foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal health or other industrial uses.

The culture of our business is to be involved in the whole supply chain as much as possible. This includes:

  • Placing contracts with growers and processors to obtain the best raw materials
  • Selecting the right processing technology to deliver the right finished product
  • Forming long-lasting strategic partnerships with suppliers and processors to ensure continuity and consistency of supply
  • Using in-house lab facilities to evaluate raw materials, finished products and to support New product development
  • Providing our customers with in-depth technical and formulation advice for NPD, we help them select the best oil or formulation for the particular application

Northstar Lipids



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