Noughty launches super sized bottles with 55% reduced plastic

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 25-May-2022

The decision to increase the size of its shampoo and conditioner bottles was the result of consumer demand

Noughty has launched new one litre bottles for its shampoo and conditioner lines To The Rescue and Wave Hello.

The British hair and skin care brand said the new design saves over 68 g of plastic material.

This makes the packaging nearly 55% lighter than the combined total of four 250ml bottles.

Noughty said it made the move to increase the packaging size due to ‘consumer demand’.

The newly sized bottles retail for RRP £20.99, which the brand said offers more value for customers.

It comes as more brands move to reduce the amount of plastic in its products, in a bid to become plastic neutral.

To be plastic neutral means that for every amount of plastic created, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment.

This is achieved through recycling/waste management efforts or plastic offset credits.

Hair care label Davines was certified plastic neutral this year by Plastic Bank.

Matt Martin, General Manager of Davines, called this “an important step on the journey to reduce our impact on the planet and resources”.

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