Packaging in focus: Denny Bros’ multi-page label

Published: 17-May-2021

A sector that represents beauty must be easy-on-the-eye when it comes to packaging.

But there must also be substance alongside style when deciding on how to label cosmetic products.

It is easy to fall foul of standards and regulations, not to mention the risk of a product being counterfeit and severely knocking customer confidence.

At Denny Bros, we have a proud and long-established history in producing the right packaging and labelling solution for any industry.

Cosmetic products come in all shapes and sizes and often pose a challenge of containing obligatory regulatory information with practical, yet eye-catching, packaging.

Our renowned range of multi-page labels, led by our patented Fix-a-Form multi-page label, offer an innovative and versatile combination of a printed and folded leaflet to accommodate extra content for the product user.

Suitable for a wide variety of purposes and available in custom finishes, shapes and sizes, the Denny Bros’ multi-page label can fit the obligatory information all on pack without having to change the design of the current packaging.

Supplied in a standard reel format, they can be tailored to suit different product needs and applied with standard industry-labelling equipment.

What labels are out there?

Designed more than 40 years ago, Fix-a-Form continues to solve the puzzle of how to add information to products without making packaging more complex.

Multi-page labels, designed specifically to meet the challenges of small or non-standard labelling requirements, offer the advantage of being a concertina-style pull-out information pack which can be tailored exactly to meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

A multi-page label occupies the same space as an original single panel label but may contain up to 120 pages of extra product information.

We use carefully chosen materials help to keep labels flexible, easy to apply and fit for purpose for the item it is applied to.

For the cosmetics sector, this can be an ideal way of providing the necessary information while best representing the brand.

This is especially true as there is often so much information that has to be included such as ingredients, usage and contact details, expiration dates and a brand backstory.

Another option is Peel and Reveal label printing services. These are highly versatile as they are both water and chemical resistant and equally durable, providing more space for information that can be easily accessed time and time again.

This makes them well suited to repeated reference information such as product instructions and safety advice.

Many of our customers continue to drive positive change by placing increasing emphasis on sustainable business choices. To support these initiatives, we have developed an innovative and fully recyclable peel and reveal label, featuring a liner made from ‘clean flake’ material designed specifically for labelling and recycling PET plastic bottles and containers.

Packaging in focus: Denny Bros’ multi-page label

Anti-counterfeit labels

All well as the required information listed above, anti-counterfeit labels are also a crucial part of the labelling.

From perfumes and make-up through to personal care products like toothpastes, soaps and sunscreens, no product is immune to attack from unscrupulous counterfeiters.

Although they may resemble the genuine article, counterfeit cosmetics rarely provide the expected level of quality, efficacy or enjoyment.

Moreover, a product’s safety may well be compromised as legal regulations will not have been followed.

This fact turns what should be a pleasurable purchase into a potentially risky one.

For the last few years, Denny Bros has linked up with the cosmetics industry to strengthen the sector’s defences against counterfeiting.

By adding anti-counterfeit labelling solutions to its popular multi-page labelling, it can protect the profits and brand integrity of genuine cosmetic manufacturers.

Why Denny Bros?

Denny Bros provides a consultative design service to ensure the right labels are created to suit a customer’s specific requirements.

While we are acutely aware of the importance of packaging designs for cosmetics and their brand, this will all go to waste if the right regulatory information is not included.

It is a balancing act and one Denny Bros is well used to treading for a range of cosmetic clients.

We are proud to work closely with our customers every step of the way to ensure they are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

To find out more, please contact Denny Bros on 01284 701381 or visit our website

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