Pamela Anderson enters skin care with Sonsie. Was make-up free 'rebellion' a PR stunt?

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 23-Jan-2024

The model and actress has acquired a stake in the minimalist beauty brand, which focuses on a ‘less is more’ approach to skin care

Pamela Anderson has been brought on as the new co-founder and owner of minimalist beauty brand Sonsie Skin. 

The actress and model has acquired a stake in the premium ‘clean’ skin care brand and will work to raise awareness of its “holistic beauty and self-empowerment” mission. 

Sonsie was co-founded by model Marie von Behrens-Felipe and CEO Roberto A. Felipe in June 2023, with a focus on creating a simple, “ethical and minimalist way” to care for skin. 

Anderson’s appointment to the company has coincided with her own widely publicised shift in personal style. 

In September, at Paris Fashion Week, she first made headlines by attending the public event with an apparent bare face.  

She also attended the London Fashion Awards wearing little-to-no make-up and was photographed for luxury fashion brand Proenza Schouler make-up free. 

Sonsie Skin only has three products in its collection

Sonsie Skin only has three products in its collection

This is a departure from her previous ultra-glam look, which she has been known for since starring on TV show Baywatch in the nineties. 

"To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity,” said Anderson. 

“I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself – inside and out.”

Google searches for Anderson, 'Pamela Anderson no make-up' and 'Pamela Anderson skin care' spiked after the widely photographed events. 

Countless media articles were written thanks to Anderson's make-up free style and many heralded the decision as a sign of empowerment and a step against ageism. 

However, critics argued that Anderson's 'make-up free revolution' was a PR stunt.  

Anderson has promoted the 'less is more' beauty movement of late

Anderson has promoted the 'less is more' beauty movement of late

Sonsie is a Scottish term which means to have a healthy inner and outer appearance.

The vegan and cruelty-free range has three products – Multi Moisture Mask, Super Serum and Basic Balm – and all are manufactured in the US.

Felipe said he was “thrilled” to have Anderson join the company, stating her “authenticity, character and insight will propel Sonsie forward.”

He added: “In the dynamic landscape of the skin care industry, Sonsie unfolds as a narrative of self-acceptance, love and the pursuit of beyond healthy skin.”

Image credits: Sonsie Skin

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