PETA takes home win in battle against mink fur eyelashes in beauty

By Becky Bargh | Published: 6-Oct-2020

The organisation’s latest animal rights push has encouraged a fresh round of beauty companies to drop the controversial products from their line-up

Non-profit organisation PETA has taken home a win in the battle against mink fur in beauty products with its latest animal rights push.

The group told Cosmetics Business Target-owned retailer Dermstore and online shopping destination Lurella Cosmetics would cut the controversial products from its offering.

Meanwhile, beauty brands Coco Mink Lashes and GladGirl are also said to have cut mink products from its line-up.

“When it comes to cruelty, fur eyelashes are no different from a fur coat,” said PETA’s Executive VP Tracy Reiman.

“PETA is celebrating these compassionate companies for joining Sephora, Velour, Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay and other beauty giants that don’t sell mink fur eyelashes.”

Earlier this year, LVMH-owned retail goliath Sephora ditched the sale of mink eyelashes in place of synthetic or faux fur.

Beauty brand Velour also committed to banning mink fur eyelashes by 2021 in the same month.

Fur at beauty’s mercy

Like mink, badgers are also at the mercy of the cosmetic brush industry.

The badger’s durable and fibrous coat has been targeted to be used in shaving and beauty products, despite being protected in many countries.

In China, badgers are considered as protected under the country’s Wildlife Protection Law and, consequently, poaching is illegal.

However, legal loopholes mean that farming animals in captivity does not break the law.

This has led to the exploitation of badgers across the country that are openly slaughtered to be exported worldwide.

Read more on the badger hair trade and beauty brands’ response to the market via the link below.

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