Porex to debut customised, high-efficiency reservoir for use in wide range of makeup formulations at Cosmoprof Bologna 2019

Published: 11-Mar-2019

Revolutionary cosmetics technology boosts brands with longer-lasting and sustainable design that allows consumers to maximize liquid makeup use to the last drop

Sponsored by Porex

Porex’s new high-efficiency reservoir for liquid-based makeup products like eyeliners, lip liners and lip stains will be unveiled to product designers at the Cosmopack venue of Cosmoprof Bologna—the world's leading trade fair for the entire cosmetic and professional beauty industry—at Hall 20, Stand No. E/49, March 14-17 in Bologna, Italy.

Engineered to provide optimal wicking of liquid formulations, the proprietary high-efficiency reservoir enables manufacturers to differentiate their product design and to improve their consumer experience by providing a more uniform flow and consistent, precise application with every use.

A porous structure with unique capillary action allows liquid formula to dispense evenly and to provide consumers with 5-10% greater formula extraction. Because the reservoir extracts a higher percentage of the formula, manufacturers can prolong their product life or reduce their formula fill volume.

These features allow cosmetics brands to offer an enhanced product with increased consistency and sustainability.

Traditional eye and lip liners currently on the market can leave up to 30 percent of the formula in the pen or tube, creating more waste and an additional cost for the consumer, whereas Porex’s unique high-efficiency reservoir design extends their usage.

This reduces the likelihood of premature product disposal or replacement and may ultimately lead to fewer products and less formula in landfills.

“Our proprietary design allows for consumers to consistently extract the exact amount of formula they want, when they want it, adding reliability and convenience to a highly personal activity and saving valuable liquid formula,” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director for Porex.

“Through this design, our new high-efficiency reservoir enables brands to deliver a product that provides optimal performance and precise formula application, while also having a positive impact on the environment.”

Made with 100 percent fiber-to-film sealed wraps, Porex eye and lip liner reservoirs combine customizable porous structures with specially designed fiber blends to be compatible with a wide range of formulas.

At Cosmopack, Porex will also showcase the Porex Fiber Cushion for portable cushion compact products. The patented technology works with all types of makeup, skin care, and fragrance formulas and provides a touch-driven response that prevents leakage and product waste.

Porex’s latex-free, hypoallergenic, super-soft foams designed exclusively for skin contact are ideal for a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products, while Nubiform - a porous, flexible elastomer for cosmetics applicators - pairs well with foundation, concealer, and lip stain formulas.

This unique technology offers flexibility to brands, including optional antimicrobial protection and customized 3D shapes that meet product specifications.

Find Porex at Cosmopack, Hall 20, Stand No. E/49, March 14-17. Learn more about Porex cosmetics technologies by visiting www.porex.com.

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