Prevent body odour up to 7 days with clean formula

Published: 28-Feb-2020

QB Deodorant Cream was first launched in 2003 as a long-lasting deodorant which keeps the sweat perspiration but suspend the odor for maximum 7 days by bacteria sterilisation.

In 2019, we have launched the deodorant cream with clean and non-toxic formula in order to provide a safer deodorant to be used.

Because we care about our user’s health, QB deodorant cream does not contain the followings: aluminum, colorant, fragrance, paraben, PEGs, phthalates, propylene glycol, talc and triclosan. It is also cruelty free, gluten free and tested by third party.

With sterilising ingredients inside, bacteria on your skin which cause body odor will be removed. And with the anti-perspirant ingredients, it helps to control the growth of bacteria and prevent the odour.

We also included 8 types of plant essence and jojoba seed oil in order to keep your skin moisturised.

According to the test result of effectiveness tested by third party, QB deodorant cream can prevent smell for 7 days by self-evaluation. 96% of people said QB deodorant cream could help to prevent sweat and smell as well.

Prevent body odour up to 7 days with clean formula

QB deodorant cream is a cream type deodorant. It can apply not only on armpits, but also other body parts such as feet and chest. You can put on your clothes or socks right after applying because you don’t need to wait for it to dry.

Everybody can use it because it is gender neutral and we did not put any fragrance inside. Since it is fragrance free, you can also put on your favorite perfume too.

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QB deodorant cream has been sold to 11 countries/ region as below:
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China (E-commerce), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, USA (Asia market) and UAE.

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