Rapid microbial detection and identification for quality control

Published: 13-Jul-2020

In today’s challenging regulatory environment, the pressure to release products faster while eliminating the risk of contamination continues to increase.

The need to ensure that quality testing systems are adequate without impeding production is essential. It is crucial to choose a partner with a portfolio of testing solutions to help you from formulation to final release.

Releasing contaminated product poses a greater risk to consumer safety and your brand than ever before. Adopting CGMP (current good manufacturing practices) in a production environment means upgrading the quality systems, manufacturing processes, and product release testing procedures.

This investment in modern methods can help manage risk and address contamination earlier and faster.

One QC failure can change everything. How do you plan to find and identify the bacteria or fungi in your product, so your customer never does? With Celsis rapid detection and Accugenix identification products and services, you can rest assured that contaminations are caught before ever reaching the consumer.

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