Revive Collagen reappoint Amanda Holden as Brand Ambassador

Published: 15-Mar-2023

Revive Collagen release new beauty campaign to celebrate Amanda’s second year as Brand Ambassador

Multi-award winning, luxury liquid collagen brand, Revive Collagen has released a new beauty campaign to celebrate reappointing Amanda Holden as Brand Ambassador for the second year running.

Co-founded by Samantha Faiers in 2020, Amanda Holden was brought on for Revive Collagen’s sell-out Enhanced Plus product, which she credits for looking and feeling better than ever at 52.

Shot by renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Zoe McConnell (recent work includes Gucci and Stellla McCartney) the campaign captures the essence of Amanda’s glamorous and on-the-go busy lifestyle.

In-between hosting the UK’s largest national commercial breakfast show on Heart, sitting on the judging panel of Britain’s Got Talent, whilst being a mother of two-daughters, Amanda’s time is limited meaning she requires an efficacious, convenient beauty routine; Revive Collagen’s Enhanced Plus ready-to-drink collagen sachets.

The continued partnership with Revive Collagen was a natural fit for Amanda, who has credited Enhanced Plus for the benefits she’s experienced to her skin, hair and nails over the past 2 years: “It has made my skin better, my hair healthier and my nails are stronger!”.

Since launching Enhanced Plus with Amanda in 2021, it has become Revive Collagen’s best-selling product in their growing collagen range, selling one box every 1.5 minutes. Enhanced Plus has also won multiple awards including The Pure Beauty Award for ‘Best Beauty Supplement’.

Containing 10,000mg of type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen with added Retinol, Hydrolysed Keratin and 100% of an adults RDI of essential Vitamins B6, B12, C & D, Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus is fast becoming the nations favourite all-in-one luxury beauty and wellbeing shot.

Brand Ambassador, Amanda Holden: “I’m thrilled to continue my partnership with Revive Collagen this year – it’s such a natural fit for me and my lifestyle. I genuinely love the brand and take Enhanced Plus everyday as part of my beauty routine’”.

Revive Collagen co-founder & CEO John Bailey comments: “Amanda Holden has been instrumental in the success of Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus and our customers love her, so we’re delighted to have her on board again this year. Our new beauty campaign with Amanda truly embodies Revive Collagen and helps takes the brand to the next level as a luxury, ready-to-drink collagen supplement”.

Revive Collagen General Manager, Sarah Power comments: “Amanda Holden is a British icon for women of all ages - not only for how fabulous she looks in her 50’s, but more so for her incredible tenacious spirit. She’s amazing to work with and the perfect fit for representing Revive Collagen as our UK Ambassador as we continue to grow”.

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