Schwan Cosmetics introduces first colour cosmetic and skin care hybrid

Published: 29-Oct-2020

The FUSION+ Lip Serum Stick combines the benefits of a serum and a colour lip balm

Cosmetic pencils specialist Schwan Cosmetics has launched FUSION+ Lip Serum Stick, said to combine elements of colour cosmetics and skin care.

Its oil-based texture contains a unique complex of care ingredients and different oils to provide the effects of a serum and a colour lip balm in the one product.

The vegan formula is proven to be effective at visibly reducing wrinkles, according to Schwan Cosmetics; it also improves the appearance of the lips, giving them a softer, smoother and more moisturised look.

Ingredients include Cannabis sativa oil, meadowfoam seed oil and cocoa butter, among others, which help to soften and nourish the skin. Soy seed extract and licorice leaf extract help to correct wrinkles and generate new collagen fibrils, meanwhile.

The care ingredient-rich formula had to be delivered in solid stick format.

As the company’s Director of Global Product Development Formula, Katrin Hollmann-Raabe, noted: “It required extensive skin care expertise from the team to implement this new concept successfully.

“We developed our rich formula by selecting a combination that focuses on different functional properties. This enabled us to achieve the ideal solution for lips and package the formula into a practical stick form.”

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