Sensorialisticks - The French stick collection by Technature

Published: 22-Mar-2023

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Useful and fun, the stick is making its revolution in the beauty routines. An easy-to-use product that delivers the right amount and can be taken anywhere. Technature offers a range of skin care products with original formulas.

Our Sensorialisticks, exceptional sticks: 5 innovative sticks, each with a unique sensory experience and more daring than the next.

To each sensory experience, its stick:

  • Icy stick: the cooling stick leaves one with a steely-eyed expression! 
  • Holistick:  a magic trick combining two opposing phases! 
  • Biomimestick: an oil stick with a Poker face! 
  • Cleansystick: just cleanse and Go!
  • Stick mask: the stick that is always in a good mood!

These treatments have more than one trick up their stick!


Injecting a breath of freshness at any time and quickly to awaken the eyes... Challenge accepted with this hydrogel stick with an ice-cold effect! Unique and active texture, the hydrogel is composed of a synergy of 3 gelling agents selected for their different properties.

Do not rinse after application.

  • Benefits of hydrogel without waiting time
  • WOW freshness
  • Active texture


Imagine a stick made up of 2 gels (aqueous and oil) in perfect balance and without an emulsifier for even more comfort for the skin... Impossible isn't Technature! This is precisely the unprecedented technological feat we have achieved.

The result is an ultra-melting texture that combines the performance of each of the gels: the hydrating and fresh effect of the aqueous gel + the nourishing effect of the oil gel. And finally, a velvety touch and a soft-focus effect that gives a matte finish.

Do not rinse after application.

  • Aqueous + oily gels without surfactants (≠ emulsion)
  • Stabilised and controlled mixture
  • Benefits of both phases with more comfort


This 100% oil stick is surprising because it doesn't leave an occlusive greasy film on the skin, as is usually the case with this type of formula. The choice of oils that constitutes it makes it a biomimetic treatment: by imitating the lipidic composition of the skin, it provides exactly what it needs.
Nourishing effect with a guaranteed dry finish!

Do not rinse after application.

  • 100% oil with a dry finish
  • Biomimetic treatment
  • Nourishing effect


A solid and anhydrous cleansing stick that leaves the skin clean and clear, that's the mission of this treatment. Simply apply it to dry skin, then, with wet hands, rub the skin to emulsify it. Rinse, and you're done!

• Solid and anhydrous cleanser
• Gentle and cocooning


Its priority: to restore the radiance and fresh complexion of its youth to the face. For this, it combines anti-pollution, anti-aging, revitalizing and protective active ingredients to boost the radiance of the skin and its defences against external stress. Say hello to a radiant complexion!

• Solid and fun mask
• Quick to use

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