SGS proderm Webinar - Applying Raman Spectroscopy in Anti-Age and Scalp Research

Published: 21-Sep-2023

Raman spectroscopy is a technique that can provide manufacturers of cosmetic products and topical medicines with valuable information for the development of their products. This includes, among other things, studies on the moisturising capacity of the skin and the water-binding capacity

Furthermore, effects on the thickness of the horny layer and the content of skin-own moisturising factors (NMF) can be measured, as well as the skin penetration of active ingredients and excipients.

We have expanded the above-mentioned, already established and frequently tested areas of application of the method to include new parameters in the field of anti-age research, as well as the investigation of hair care products directly on the human scalp.

After a brief overview of the basics and established methods, in this webinar we would like to give an insight into the new methods presented at this year's IFSCC Congress.

Questions we will answer in this webinar:

  • What is confocal Raman spectroscopy and how does the method work?
  • Which parameters can be investigated with Raman?
  • What new parameters does SGS proderm provide for the detection of anti-age effects and what is their significance?
  • How does Raman measurement on the scalp work and what insights can be gained by measuring barrier lipids and other skin molecules directly on the scalp?

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