Simone Thomas releases new book 'Healthy Hair Happy Body'

Published: 23-Aug-2021

Healthy Hair Happy Body is the latest to land on shelves in the world of health and beauty, from no other than award-winning wellness expert Simone Thomas, the founder of Simone Thomas Wellness and Simone Thomas salons and hair-loss clinics. Presenting simple to follow, tried and tested tips and lifestyle advice to help readers regain their full body health, a must-have for your top ten recommended reading list and bookstores

Thomas introduces her comprehensive and motivational plan to transform hair, and wellbeing from the ‘inside out’ for life. She shares her personal story that has taken her on a journey to changing her life. Through it all, she has grown tremendously and learnt countless lessons.

Thomas has created a resource for those who are challenged with hair loss, skin conditions, gut health problems, B12 deficiency and endometriosis amongst others. This book aims to arm readers with the knowledge she has honed over the years.

For most, the hair-mood phenomenon is all too real. Brittle, lank, limp, dull, frizzy, wiry or any other negative adjective that comes to mind when describing hair, makes one feel unattractive, and short in confidence, likewise, lustrous, shiny, bouncy, voluminous, cascading, glossy, or velvety hair leaves one on ‘cloud nine’.

Ultimately, hair reflects one’s mental and physical wellbeing. So, why is this? Well, the truth is that hair is not a vital organ or tissue. When it comes to sharing precious nutrients to ensure the body is functioning at its optimum, hair is a low priority. Following a balanced diet and lifestyle and drinking lots of water enables hair to absorb the nutrients it needs.

In each chapter, Thomas introduces concepts that provide insights into how one’s body functions, and what really makes a difference to achieving optimum wellbeing. She shares how making tiny adjustments over time, can lead to far better results.

Diet is critical when it comes to wellness. A recent national food report was carried out and suggested that people should be encouraged to reduce their intake of salt and sugar, with a tax introduced on these goods to encourage adjustments in the nations’ day-to-day diets.

Thomas has always encouraged clients to think about their intake of foods high in salt and sugar, to minimise these where possible. Instead, the introduction of naturally sweet fruit and colourful vegetables that contain a variety of skin and hair loving nutrients is the way to go.

Her journey to becoming an expert in hair loss, thinning hair and scalp conditions began more than a decade ago when Thomas was diagnosed with a form of cervical cancer which led to her suffering from alopecia where her healthy, glossy hair began to fall out.

After seeking advice from hairdressers and doctors, Thomas became frustrated at the lack of help and support for hair loss sufferers and was left disappointed at the quality of wigs, wefts, and hairpieces available. She decided to turn her experience into her career.

Nutrition and exercise are two of Thomas’s passions. She has a diploma in Weight and Nutrition Management, helping clients to address their hair health from within. She balances nutritional advice, with the introduction of her multi-award-winning supplements to help her clients on the journey to recovery. She also holds a Vegan Nutritionist Diploma, Alkaline Nutritionist Diploma and hair loss certificates and qualifications.

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