Skin saviours to beat festive stress

Published: 20-Dec-2022

While there’s no doubting that Christmas can be a magical time, full of parties with friends and indulgent family lunches, the stress of all that additional prep can play havoc with your skin. DEBORAH MITCHELL, Founder of Heaven Skincare, shares her pro-tips

Too much celebrating, excessive food and drink, and endless entertaining really do take their toll. The end result? Just as you’re planning to look your sparkly best, your complexion gets the holiday blues.

Whether it’s dark circles under the eyes, open pores or spots, seasonal skin woes can mean a Christmas crisis. The good news is there are a number of fast-acting measures to restore your glow and, most importantly, your confidence in time for the festive fun.

FOR AN INSTANT LIFT... If you don’t have the time to fit in a well-earned spa facial, reach for Silver Bee Venom Mask. As one of Heaven’s signature products, it contains revolutionary ABEETOXIN to control facial muscles to tighten, firm and lift. Apply after your cleansing routine, layer on top of your usual moisturiser or combine with a serum.

TACKLE THOSE UNDER-EYE BAGS... The Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex is a hard-working yet gentle cream and ideal for those post-party mornings where darker circles are more visible. It hydrates delicate skin around the eyes as it penetrates fine lines and eliminates bags. Vitamin A and hyaluronic acid work in tandem to reduce heaviness and puffiness, making skin brighter.

Skin saviours to beat festive stress

REACH FOR THE SERUM... Serums penetrate deeper than a moisturiser, which means they are easier for our epidermis to absorb. If you want to sleep off the excesses, use Dream Oil in tandem with your overnight cream and let its evocative geranium and lavender scent send you off to the land of nod. You only need a few drops to balance oil levels, hydrate and feed the skin.

Skin saviours to beat festive stress

FOR AN INSTANT BEAUTY BOOST... Heaven’s Peppermint Hydrogel minimises oil secretion, balances the PH levels, refines pores and diminish blemishes, leaving your skin feeling fully hydrated. It also removes shine on the T-Zone and works as a cooling eye gel to alleviate bags and puffiness. And because it remains tacky, it’s also the perfect base for your party makeup.

BEAT THE BREAKOUTS... Treat unwanted spots with Willowbee Mask & Cleanse – it not only detoxes your skin, but heals imperfections. It contains bark from the willow tree, a natural and organic alternative to aspirin. Because of these anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it is ideal for those who suffer from acne.

Skin saviours to beat festive stress

TIME TO LOVE YOUR SKIN... Love Your Skin is a Heaven’s super-hydrating, hyaluronic-packed moisturiser that contains silk protein to soften your complexion and plump fine lines. This new breed of skincare starts to work after just one application, helping skin look more radiant each day you use it. What’s more, it’s gentle enough to use on your lips and lids, tackling lines around the mouth and eyes.

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