Soil Association rolls out COSMOS certification for 2017

Published: 3-Jan-2017

The association will certify new natural and organic products to COSMOS standards, giving companies already certified with the Soil Association the option to upgrade their logo

The Soil Association has started certifying organic and natural products to COSMOS standards.

From 1 January 2017, the association has started highlighting a products’ natural and organic claims to either COSMOS natural or COSMOS organic standards with two new logos (organic pictured).

Soil Association rolls out COSMOS certification for 2017

The alignment between the two organisations is said to represent “an important step towards harmonising international cosmetic standards with a recognisable symbol shoppers can trust”.

The Soil Association confirmed with Cosmetics Business that it will no longer be using its old logo on newly-certified products.

However, products certified prior to 1 January 2017 will have the option of either using the old logo or swapping to the new one.

Lauren Bartley, Soil Association Health and Beauty Development Manager, said: “Finding certified organic or natural cosmetics should be easy – this is why the Soil Association certification symbol exists.

“The move to harmonise organic and natural cosmetics standards through COSMOS is as exciting step towards extending this reach.”

For a product to be certified to COSMOS organic standards, the product must contain 95% organic ingredients.

Made with organic products can also carry the symbol as long as 20% of the ingredients are organic (including water) for leave-on products and 10% (including water) for rinse-off products.

For natural certification, a product must contain natural ingredients, with the percentage displayed on the pack.

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