St. Moriz gets packaging glow up from The Label Makers

By Austyn King | Published: 14-Apr-2021

The HotHouse Brands-owned self-tanning brand offers its Original, Professional and Advanced ranges for different consumer needs

UK-based tanning brand St. Moriz has refreshed its brand image with the help of new packaging by labelling company The Label Makers.

To reflect how the brand design has evolved over the years, The HotHouse Brands-owned brand worked with its customers to receive feedback on what they would like to see on the products.

With the company offering three sub-ranges of its tanning products – Original, Professional and Advanced – St. Moriz chose The Label Makers to create a design that would provide more consistency and clarity for the different collections, as well as working with the brand's packaging.

“As most of St. Moriz' products use white packaging, it was important to ensure the label colours blended in well,” explained Fiona Lazenby, Commercial Director at St. Moriz.

To create the new design, The Label Makers printed the labels using UV flexo, with spot Pantone colours on a clear PE, with the brand's Professional tan products using additional subtle coloured vignettes to stand out on-shelf.

Meanwhile, the Advanced range features rose gold foil detailing and a high gloss varnish to give a luxurious finish.

Lazenby added: “After a number of changes throughout the process to get the right blend of colour, and the right adhesive to work with our packaging materials, we got the perfect result – the final labels were just as we needed them.”

Kevin Lyons, Sales Director at The Label Makers, added: “It was great to work with the St Moriz team on the brand refresh.

“We realised the critical importance of delivering on the design concept and worked collaboratively with the team to find the correct processes, material and finishes for each tier of the brand.”

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