At Stephenson, we manufacture extruded, syndet and melt & pour ingredients for skincare, cosmetic and haircare businesses. But it’s how we do it: creatively, ethically, sustainably, and ambitiously. From the first spark of their idea, we work with our customers to help deliver exciting products which literally change the world

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At Stephenson, we’re game-changers. On one level, it’s simple: we manufacture base ingredients for skincare, cosmetics and haircare applications. That includes syndet, extruded soap, melt & pour bases, liquids and cosmetic bases. But it’s how we do it that makes all the difference in the world.

We’re changing our industry for the better. Some might call it disruption; we think it’s the right thing to do. Right for our customers, and right for the planet.

From global brands to small crafters, creating revolutionary products needs progressive ideas and sustainable ingredients. To create revolutionary products, they need progressive ideas and sustainable ingredients from an enlightened manufacturer. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been making soap since the 1850s, so we’ve got the chemistry down to a fine art. But we also know what consumers want and what our planet needs – and understand the two overlap. That’s why 100% of our palm oil has been RSPO-certified since 2010. We have organic and vegan ingredients, too, and the solid format products we make mean our customers can supply finished bars without plastic packaging. And there’s no animal testing.

From the first spark of their idea to the finished merchandise, we work closely with our customers, sharing our expertise and helping them produce the best products to support their growth. We’re the quiet strength behind products that have literally been designed to change the world.

Our Solutions

Extruded Syndets

Syndopal: The Future of sustainable body, facial, shampoo and conditioning syndet bars.

The popularity of solid format products continues to grow, with product launches spanning full body bars, facial cleansers, shampoos and now conditioning bars. As generation Z continue to drive more sustainable and environmentally friendly trends, brands and manufacturers must be reactive to these growing demands, as solid format bars are no longer a trend. They are now an expectation. With the expansion of our Syndopal range, we can now offer customers product solutions catered for individual applications. Our new Syndopal range gives customers the opportunity to create tailored, high performing products for hair care, body and facial applications which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Extruded Soap


For soap bar extruders, traditional soap manufacturers and contract soap manufacturers, our extruded soap bases are formulated for optimum processing. Our extruded bases offer manufacturers a range of innovative applications for skincare, body care and hair care

  • Ideal for soap and contract manufacturers for large-scale production of best-in-class bars. Our extruded soap bases are formulated for easy processing.
  • Multiple product applications. We can help manufacturers with a range of innovative applications for skincare, bodycare and haircare products.
  • Easily customisable base for producing modern consumer bars. Finished bars can be enhanced with chosen fragrances, colours, active and other ingredients to offer more benefits for consumer
  • Natural and organic trends met with certified COSMOS, Natrue, NOP and RSPO products. The range includes certified organic COSMOS, Natrue, Organic NOP and RSPO Segregated (SG) extruded bases for certified final soap and hair applications

Melt and Pour


Creating unique solid bars has never been so easy! Artisans and large scale manufacturers use Stephenson Melt & Pour bases to produce some of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing bars on the market.

With a variety of bases available around the world, our Melt & Pour bases only require the addition of fragrance, essential oils or other additives to make stunning bars for all audiences.

  • Perfect for crafting beautifully creative finished bars. Making finished bars is easy. No need for specialist equipment and only needs mixing-in additives (fragrances, oils and colorants).
  • Extensive range for creating bars for hair and body. Our range offers 30 soap, conditioner and solid shampoo bases and is sought after by brands, manufacturers and distributors worldwide.
  • Claims that align with your customers. Keep up with growing consumer trends
  • Create certified organic COSMOS and RSPO bars. Some of our bases can be used to create RSPO Mass Balance and Segregated certified bars. For example; Solid Conditioner or Rebatch base



We have a suite of cosmetic and lotion bases, ranging from natural cold process bases to Certified Organic bases. These products are easily processable and require a small addition of oil, fragrance, functional ingredients and colour to produce a variety of quality finished skincare products - creams, lotions and body butters.

  • Ideal for creating natural, paraben free lotions, bath and body butters. Cold and hot processable creams, lotions, bath and body butters. Range consists of COSMOS natural organic lotion and other pre-thickened bases.
  • Customisable un-fragranced moisturising bases for enhanced skincare. All cosmetics bases provide excellent moisturisation and skin feel. Personalise finished products with only 2-3% addition of oils, fragrances and colours.
  • Great performance and "clean-beauty" moisturisation. All our cosmetics bases offer excellent skin cleansing benefits and are formulated without PEGs, parabens or MPGs.
  • Never tested on animals. All our cosmetic bases are vegan, ethical and never tested on animals (as a part of European regulation).



We have a wide range of Liquid products from surfactant concentrates to certified natural and organic liquid soap bases. These products require a simple setup, additives such as colour, fragrance, and sometimes a thickening solution to produce a variety of fantastic finished liquid products such as liquid shower gel, liquid hand soap, 3-in-1 applications, liquid shampoo, foam soap etc.

  • Ideal for quick creation of natural cleansing and hydrating products for hair, face and body applications.  Our liquids can be adapted with the simple addition of colour, fragrance, and sometimes a thickening solution to produce a variety of fantastic finished liquid products
  • Extensive value-adding range to meet consumer demand. Allows manufacturing of a variety personal care products from natural or certified organic shower gels, liquid hand soap, 3-in-1 hair and body cleanser, foam soap etc. with vegan and cruelty-free claims
  • Safe to use and suitable for a variety of skin and hair types. The range offers effective skin cleansing and moisturising solutions suitable for normal, oily and dry skin. Some bases also offer low pH, sulphate-free and preservative-free formulations more suitable for sensitive skin types
  • Natural and organic trends met with certified COSMOS, NOP and RSPO products.  The range includes certified organic COSMOS, Organic NOP and RSPO Segregated (SG) liquid bases for certified final soap and hair applications



Durosoft is a range of naturally derived polyglyceryl esters, developed to aid the demand for natural products and green formulations, across a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic applications.  Our growing portfolio of personal care ingredients, Durosoft, currently includes sustainable emulsifiers and solubilisers, that can be used for the production of creams, solid lotions and cleansing oils, micellar water formulations and other skincare and cosmetic products offering specific value for natural and sustainable raw material claims.

  • The most sustainable polyglyceryl ingredients for skincare and haircare in the market. Ideal for creating COSMOS and RSPO SG certified and China Compliant products
  • Mild and effective ingredients for natural products. Mild yet effective oil in water and water in oil emulsifiers and solubilisers for creating fun textures and emulsions. Emulsifiers enhance the product feel and spreadability, while solubilisers allow stable incorporation of fragrances and oils compatible with common synthetic ingredients.
  • Compatible with synthetic ingredients. The Durosoft range of natural ingredients is a starting point for creating a natural range of personal care products. Their non-ionic characteristics make them compatible with a broad range of cosmetic oils, active ingredients, surfactants and co-emulsifiers.
  • Provides greater formulation stability. Durosoft ingredients provide the widest HLB range of 4-17 for a greater stability profile.


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